Beer Brewing Company

We were a little late to the game on visiting Beer Brewing Co. here in Oceanside and I'm kind of sad we hadn't visited sooner!  


This funky little brewery is tucked in behind Bull Taco and the Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub. I know that sounds like a big jumble but I promise you those are the names and they're also awesome. A gourmet taco shop, an eclectic sushi restaurant and a tiny brew house all tucked in one building. Try each of them!


The night we visited there were two beers on tap. The 96 lb. IPA was fresh and delicious. I had a glass of the Coalfire Stout which had the malt toasted in the coal pizza oven at the Privateer, another great Oceanside restaurant. 


Go, kick back, grab some sushi and have a beer on the patio. Yes! 

A refresh and an update

It's been a long time since I blogged about my life on the great big internets. I have refreshed my site to be just because it reflects me best now. 

Things are going well at Ewe Ewe. I'm working on growing the business and expanding the brand's reach. It takes a long time to have a strong brand in the yarn industry. Shop owners want to know you're going to be around next season. I'm happy to say that each year the company and product line have grown and the company is starting to look the way I imagined it would. That was almost four years ago now! 

Other than that there's still three crazy dogs here with my husband and me. We spend a lot of time playing with them, cooking good food and exploring the amazing world of San Diego craft beer.  

Here's Charlie. 


And Lola. 


And Henry. 


And it's Friday so I'm going to go enjoy this martini!

Take a tour of the ISS

I have always been a big fan of space from as young as I can remember. My sister taught me the basic constellations. I learned all the planets and their specs from book after book. I was even lucky enough to take astronomy in high school inside the school's planetarium!

A few nights ago we were sitting outside watching the sunset just as the brightest stars were appearing in the sky. A friend and I were figuring out which they were, Canis, Jupiter, what's that one? A new one appeared, too bright to be a plane but moving to fast to be star. I whipped out my iPhone, launched SkyView and figured out it was the International Space Station! I hadn't seen it before since it's only in the sky a maximum of seven minutes at a time and this was a real treat. How amazing would it be to be one of a handful of humans to circle the planet? In this video, Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams gives a great tour of the orbiting vehicle. It's about 25 minutes long but worth the watch.