After a much needed long weekend with no plans I feel happy and refreshed. We spent both Friday and Saturday wandering around asking each other if the other had any plans, anything fun they wanted to do, any place they needed to go. The answer was always no. We relaxed on the couch, tidied the kitchen and best of all we spent lots of time updating and organizing files and programs on my new laptop. I know a laptop is nothing new, I've even had one before, but this laptop means freedom. I work from home and with a machine that is stationary I felt I was always locked in the same place.

My office had become a place of work not a creative space for enthusiastic bouts of creativity. Aren't some of the joys of working from home things like having the ability to go to the gym at whatever time of day I feel like, walk the dogs at lunch or make a phone call from the patio? Why was I stuck in the smallest room of the house for the longest period of time? No more. I am free! Free to roam. Free to email clients from my kitchen in my bathrobe while sucking down three day old leftovers with a questionable fork. If the kitchen becomes too confining I can sit on the couch or better yet the patio.

Forget that. You'll find me on the deck under the new offset umbrella.

Afternoon delight