I go to a weekly knitting group called Knit Wits hosted by my friend Marsha, the Head Knit Wit. We are just getting back into the swing of things right in time for the big knitting season and this year she's challenged us to finish a project a month. The idea is to drag out all your unfinished knitting that is stuffed in a basket just waiting to be finished and finish them while you also do your normal knitting. Can we do it? Can we finish stuff?

Hello, have you met me?

I am the master of the unfinished project. Tha Masta. I love to start projects but I consistently do not complete them. So here's four projects I pulled out of my knitting bag, I didn't even look in the basket stuffed in the corner of my studio. This is all from my knitting tote.

knitting projects

Four projects. Right there is a project a month through the end of the year, we'll get to the basket in January.

Option 1. An open cardigan for me. I started this project when I had my yarn store and I've always loved the sweater and would love even more to wear it one day. It's made with a Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre which is a combo of alpaca, kid mohair and merino wool. I've already completed the back, one side and one arm, this is the second arm on the needles.

Option 2. A baby sweater sample knit for my Baby Boo Cardigan pattern. It's knit in Plymouth Baby Boutique, a super soft yarn that is a pleasure to knit. All that needs to be done is knit the sleeve cuffs and add buttons, I've already sewn in the yarn ends!

Option 3. Another baby sweater. It's in Coffee Beenz by Plymouth Yarn and I'm really hoping it will only require one skein because that's all I have. This is for my new nephew but it's 12m size so I have a little time since he was just born in July.

Option 4. A pair of socks for me or someone with big feet. These are knit in a corn fiber yarn called Maizy. It's a nice yarn and an interesting pattern but the Monkey pattern does not work up fast for me.

What do you think? Which work in progress (WIP) should I conquer? Option 2 will be fast, #1 I really want to wear, #3 will be adorable, and #4 would make a nice Christmas gift. Help!