Saturday style, refashioned skirt

I picked up a dress from the Old Navy clearance rack simply because I was drawn to the print. I noticed at the time that there were a bunch of the same dress on the rack in all different sizes but I didn't care and I bought it anyway. It was cheap! And I loved the stripes and color combination!

I wore the dress once and I hated it. I felt fat, the waist was too high, the neck was too big and the arms were gathered just below the elbow in just the wrong way that made everything on top look huge. Gross. I wasn't going to wear it ever again. A couple days ago I noticed it hanging in the closet and the thought of altering it popped into my head. Should I take it in, cut the sleeves? A skirt, how about that?! I ran off to get my pinking shears, I cut the bodice off and voila! Since it's knit I don't need to seam it and I've got a cute, casual drawstring skirt I love!