Feed me: Udon noodles

I've been in a cycle of just cooking whatever is familiar lately and we needed something different. I dug around in the cupboard and found a pack of udon noodles so I made this! 


This is Hot & Spicy Peanut Butter Noodles by Donal Skehan. I added some sous vide chicken thighs and I added some fresh peanuts as garnish. I could have made the sauce a bit thinner but otherwise it was so good that I'll definitely be making it again!

These noodles came together easily and used a lot of ingredients I already had on hand. I had to pick up some chili oil but I know I'll use that again!  

I found the recipe after a few searches and I fell in love with Donal Skehan's site. There are tons of recipes I want to try like this Mac & Cheese 3 Ways. Yum! 

Hair of the Hog Brunch

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to the Mike Hess Brewing tasting room in San Diego for their 3rd annual Hair of the Hog Brunch. It's always hosted on New Years Day. Fun, noisy, all around great! 


The beers were free flowing and there were some exceptional ones like Mocha Grazias cream ale on cask, Umbrix Imperial Stout and Brunus Robustus porter. 


The crowning glory were these bacon whiskey truffles by Andrea's Truffles. Locally made in San Diego and amazing! 


The rest of the food by Carnitas Snack Shack was good but I've had better at other beer events. If I lived closer I would definitely do this event again but since it's nearly impossible to get public transportation from the train to North Park I paid for an Uber each way.

I'm excited that we finally took the time to check out the full size brewery in North Park.  I've been a big fan of Mike Hess's beers since we first tried them in his Miramar nano brewery in 2011. Each beer is phenomenal and I mean it!

Visit Mike Hess Brewing >