A crisis of mass proportion


"Uh, what was that?"

A sad reply, "It was the TV."

The light bulb in our television burned out. I didn't realize that our TV had a light bulb but apparently it does. This light bulb is the life-giving entity of our TV. Without it, THERE IS NO TV.

Now this might not seem like a crisis to you, but you are not Thomas. He was so sad within fifteen minutes of this occurrence he couldn't focus on anything else. Within two hours he was throwing himself across the sofa in dramatic, unrelenting seizures of emotion. OK, maybe it wasn't that extreme, but it was pretty bad.

He loves his TV. If the US allowed marriages between anything other than a man and a woman, I might be in trouble. He spends excessive amounts of time with his television. In the two years and four months he has had with his television that light bulb gifted him 5,276 hours of enjoyment. That's 219 days of television, straight.

But do not worry, the $130 replacement light bulb arrived in the mail. We replaced the bulb and all is well.