They're almost ripe

On the adventure quest that happens when Henry and Lola go outside for the first time in the morning, there was a lot of scuffling around. Henry darted in one direction, Lola dashed to his side. I thought it a good time to grab my coffee and my camera and see what all the fuss was about.

Picking persimmons

My dogs love persimmons! I think they must check the tree everyday, and today the persimmons smelled ripe. They remind me of deer in the wild gingerly selecting their next meal from a nearby tree branch.

Lola got her prize and was off and running, always playing keep-away from Henry.

Lola watching for her brother

Once Henry settled in the shade, Lola was safe to enjoy her snack. She only took about one bite before she completely gave up. Lola's nose had convinced her they were ripe, her discerning taste buds let her know otherwise. So she delivered her disappointing morning snack inside to Thomas' feet.