Thomas emailed me today with a new blog venture. It's called PayPerPost and basically you can get paid to blog! The service, in a nutshell, brings advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers post products or services, bloggers can choose which items fit their blog audience and what they'd like to write about that day. There are lots of different variables that must be met before a post will be approved. Some advertisers require a certain number of words in the post or the put a time limit on the ad. After you've posted and they've checked it out, you get paid!

I recommend checking it out, it's a pretty cool set up and easy to use. They seem to have good products to write about too, things like digital cameras and cookware. The only thing I don't like that I've seen so far is that not all advertisers will accept posts from BlogSpot users.

I hope to make a little extra money off of PayPerPost. I am always skeptical of new ideas and I don't want to get my hopes up. They have lots of positive reviews from longtime users that say how much money they've made, but if I can make enough money to buy a new pair of shoes or take my husband out for sushi then it's well worth my efforts. I suppose that's all I want in life...