Now with the worst logo I've ever seen

The global branding agency Enterprise IG has relaunched its identity. Dubbing itself The Brand Union, it sets the bar high. Here is their new logo sitting atop their previous.

So who told them to go ahead with this logo? It's hideous and down right illegible!

Here their website expounds on the ideas of brand mastery. "Part science, part art," it begins. "Knowing the measure of each in the building of a brand is the key to mastery. Lean too far to the right and you get creative flair without a strategic perspective. But lean too far to the left and you get strategy without beautiful execution. So you need a healthy balance between the two sides—a dynamic tension that’s vital for building great brands."

Balance? Between two sides? They missed all their own key points. The logo does not have any creative flair or so called beautiful execution. Maybe they just went for tension.

Then for added vomit potential they hit you over the head with the idea, that yes, they ARE A GLOBAL BRAND.

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Brand Union website. Link.

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