Happy Holidays

I've spent the last two days up to my eyeballs in ribbon and wrapping paper. The last few years I have made a lot of the gifts we give to people, but this year I was not so motivated. Instead, I've had a lot of fun collecting gifts along the road of life.

I'm actually looking forward to the holidays this year. It's the first year in nine years that I am not working retail in some capacity and it feels great. Yesterday I poured over my wrapping paper collection and chose two coordinating papers, then I hauled out my rubber stamps, pinking shears and glue stick, made hang tags and bound each package with lots of twine.

Of course, once I sat down on the floor to commence my wrapping festivities, I was joined by two furry not-so-helpful helpers. Henry came and and wedged himself in the tightest burrow he could while still monitoring my every move.

Henry being helpful

Lola went for a more active approach. First she started on my left...

Lola helping wrap gifts

then she made a full circle inspecting every gift, paper choice and scissor making sure to step on each before moving on to the next.

Lola really helping wrap gifts

Finally I made some headway. I call this year "2007, the year of the GIANT gift tag." I like how they look and I'm excited to give them!

Christmas presents

This is Susan's gift. I've very excited about it.

Susan's gift

Oh, and look, Jenny's gift got some special stamping treatments!

Jenny's present