A new little dress for me

With all the hot August days, I found myself not wanting to wear my usual uniform of jeans. So we set out to find me a new sun dress and couldn't find anything cute and reasonably priced. I didn't feel like spending over 30 bucks for a dress I was just going to lounge around in.

I've had this dress pattern hiding in my stash for sometime now and it seemed like the perfect time to pull it out.

Dress pattern

I've read a lot about the Built by Wendy patterns from Simplicity but hadn't yet tried one. I found this one and I thought it was cute, it would keep my cool, and would look good on me! A most important point.

I cut out the pattern the other night, not too many pieces. Then on Tuesday I wrote some wedding thank you notes, then did a step on the dress, then wrote more notes and so on went my day. And night.

Sewing a new dress

The pattern wasn't hard, but it wasn't the easiest garment I've worked on either. I made the dress, but I cut it to the length of the tunic on the right side of the pattern. So with this fabric at that length I have a cute little '60s dress.

Dress fabric