In August?

In my bleary-eyed, half awake, half asleep condition this morning I heard something vaguely familiar. I stayed in bed for a while longer weighing my desire for a cup of tea versus my need for more sleep. Then I heard the noise again. Was that thunder?

I pulled myself out of bed and wandered to the window. Off to the west the morning was bright blue with white fluffy clouds, to the south was a wall of black sky. It was thunder! I had heard on the news earlier this week that we might, just might see some remnant rains of Hurricane Dean.


I figured the dark looming clouds would move over us rather quickly and be on their way out to sea. It doesn't rain in Southern California very often, and it would NEVER rain in August! But the thunder got louder and the sky got darker, then it began to drizzle, and it kept drizzling. The drizzling became a steady downpour. Unbelievable!

We all went outside to see it, feel it, watch it. Well the dogs wouldn't feel it. They wouldn't pass the line created by the roof overhang.

I'm not going out there!

I tried to coax them to come play in the rain with me, but no luck. Thomas and I made a mad dash around the yard to pick up things that shouldn't be in the rain. Then we came inside and had a warm bacon and eggs breakfast.

The rain has passed, the yard is almost dry already, but I know this one hour of rain will turn into many hours of conversation around town this week. Because it DOES NOT rain in Southern California in August.