The color that motivates the world to get out of bed each morning, blue has always been inspirational to me. I love to see the blue sky when I wake up in the morning. I find the sky to be the most fascinating part of life. It's never the same and whether it's dreary or California sunshine-ing it is always amazing.

I call this one sky-blue-pink.


So to be certain I/we wake up in a good mood our bedroom mirrors what is hopefully outside the window.

Bridal party

My second color fascination is the ocean. Always reflecting the beautiful sky, the oceans never looks the same either. However, not always a brilliant blue hue, one minute it could be on the green spectrum and soon after it could look like this:

Ocean blue

To me Paul Signac's painting Saint-Tropez, the Customs House bring ocean and sky together in a way that you can barely see the difference between the two. The horizon blends together and disappears. But for maximum contrast bright orange trees snap you back to reality and leads your eye around the rest of the scene.

Saint-Tropez, The Customs House by Paul Signac

We love to be at home. Making our house the perfect place for us to call home has been not been easy but I get to use tons of blue tape. From building kitchen cabinets to a simple paint job we do all of our own work. Blue tape keeps paint edges straight but it also keeps cut edges from splintering. Thomas is the engineer and dreams up lots of projects. I have the steady hands and patience for the detail work... not that cutting a giant hole in the middle of your kitchen counter is 'detail work' but it did have to be straight which is where the patience comes in.

Blue tape