Brown is everywhere you turn. The dining room table, your favorite shoes and the kitchen cabinets. It's everywhere I turn, because every time I turn around I have two brown things at my feet.

Hot Dogs

Brown has never been a color that is in my usual palette. I didn't realize how much there was until I deliberately looked for it. From my two dogs, my freckles and my shaggy brunette husband I am constantly surrounded by brown.

Every morning I saunter into the kitchen, put on the kettle and prepare tea or coffee for us. It's my favorite routine of the day. The house is quiet and cool and then I get a warm reward that I hug with my hands until my brain wakes up.

Morning routine

I often spend this time puttering about the kitchen and watching the tea or coffee steep. I gather the milk and sugar, pour my drink and add the milk slowly. I watch the white milk blend with the darkness in the mug making the coffee lighter and lighter.

Morning cuppa

Thomas found these mugs, labeled on the inside with color matching chips so even bleary eyed you are assured the perfect ratio of milk to coffee. I'm secretly hoping for one for Christmas, but sadly I think they're only available in London.

MyCuppa mugs

After coffee I can begin to function a bit more clearly. On a lazy weekend I like to pull out my Grandma's waffle maker and get cooking. It's wonderfully tan accented with brown trim and flowers.

Belgian Waffler

It always makes perfectly golden brown waffles that I serve with bananas and glossy maple syrup. Mmm.

Saturday waffles

Then the projects of the day begin and two smaller beings are awake and following my every move.

Brown paint