It takes every ounce of my being not to write the title to this post as, PINK! PINK! PINK!!!!!!. I love pink. I think it is just so exciting. I don't know where this obsession came from or what day it began. I didn't even realize I liked pink as much as I did until I received some hot pink kitchen trays from my mother-in-law one Christmas. I remember being dumbfounded as to why she chose pink trays for me as opposed to any other color of the rainbow. She simply said, "Because you love pink."

I didn't argue with her. But that day has always stuck out in my mind as the day I realized that I do, I love pink. It's insanity.

Pink purse wall

Alright, maybe it's my purse collection that's insanity, but I love the pink backdrop Thomas chose for my wall of purses. If I could, I would use pink in every room of the house. But since there's a man that lives here I stretch my color palette and discover pink other places in the world, like this sunset in La Jolla last evening,

Sunset in La Jolla

the fuschia from our wedding,


and the Lola's slurping tongue.

Pink tongue