A Stranglehold on my weekend

New game

So apparently there's a new game out this week, Stranglehold. I discovered this because suddenly we weren't listening to the news, but rather gunshots rung through the house. I enjoy auto racing games, sports games and the like. These first person shooters ON THE BIGGEST TV IN THE WORLD with full surround sound and a blasting subwoofer are another thing all together.

I grew up in a fairly quiet home. My parents didn't listen to music too often, they wouldn't let my brother blast punk in the eighties, and the television was hidden away in a small room at one end of the house. As the drastically youngest of four children, my older siblings moved out by the time I was eight years old. Without the others in the house my parents and I lived in a quiet environment, with the exception of me and my girlfriends giggling about who knows what. That made me a creature that likes silence. This is where Thomas and I have a bit of disconnect, he being the eldest of four. I don't suspect his house was loud, but I think there was always something going on, somebody with a friend over, a sister practicing the piano or the television. Result: he's more comfortable with music on, I like silence.

So, I decided to spend my evening outside. I like Thomas to get some time doing what he likes to do even if it's not my favorite way of spending time at home. I'll make the most of it by tending to my plants that were slightly neglected in last week's unbearable heatwave.

Sweet alysium

And by admiring Lola and her dedication to eating sticks, playing with her toys and napping.

Lola resting