A little yelling never hurt anyone

When you're the youngest of a family I think you either let thing happen and quietly observe, or you're like me where you observe situations then just start yelling. Not screaming, but yelling. Yelling because nobody would listen otherwise. I always hated it when people used to ignore my input because they thought I was too young. I have really good ideas, damnit, and I don't bother talking unless it is a really. good. IDEA! So when people don't listen that just makes me YELL.

This passion toward being listened to is something I've had to set aside in my professional career. I understand that people running their own business may not necessarily agree or even want my input on every aspect of their marketing plan. I can respect that however hard it may be. But for the select few that are close to me, the yelling will never stop. I am not so young anymore but habits are hard to break, and this one is especially difficult because I'm not even trying. It's not very often that I get to combine the yelling with my passion for graphic design because I mostly freelance for other companies and yelling at them that their logo sucks is just not good business.

The only time I can really yell until my heart's content is when it comes to NobleKnits, my sister's yarn conglomerate. Nancy is a designer in her own right. She is a published knit and crochet author. She refashioned her clothes before 'refashioned' was even a word (think Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink.) But when it comes to print and logo design she takes a step back and lets me take over, but not at first. Nancy always has a million ideas circulating through her head and so when she sets her mind to a new business concept, all best watch out. I try to get her to be patient while I design a logo or a business card, but she can't sit still. Within an hour of a phone call I'll have an email with 20 ideas attached to it. I clench my teeth and open the email always fearing what might be inside.

It's only been bad one time. The other nine years of stuff have actually been pretty decent. I just want them to be perfect. In our symbiotic relationship we achieve logo, website layout and merchandising perfection by yelling. For some reason I can't help it. Maybe I quickly revert back to all those years of standing in the kitchen with two adults and three teenagers all discussing a topic and me, age 4, expecting to have my opinion count just the same. I'm not sure. I just can't help but yell about Nancy's new ideas. "What is this? Why did you put this here? Why that color? What kind of look are you going for? There's no balance to any of this!"

Apparently I've done this so much that Nancy is scared when she makes a change to her website. Not being able to resist the ideas circulating through her head, she now makes the changes then deals with the wrath of Heather. Except this time? THERE WAS NO WRATH! She changed her whole website around, redesigned her logo and (WOW!) did a great job.

All because she says she can hear me yelling if she doesn't.

: :: ::: :: :

In honor of the new look, NobleKnits.com is offering 15% OFF any order over $50. Use the code NEWLOOK at checkout. Promotion ends Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008 11:59 pm EST. Enjoy!