My knitting renaissance

Tah dah! I finished another stocking for Santa to fill.


Last year I designed and made the red-topped stocking and it hung on the fireplace until April. I liked it so much I didn't want to take it down. Last week I decided we needed two hand-knit stockings, one for each of us. I hauled out the yarn and got to work. As you can see, I switched the red and green so they didn't match but coordinated, like Thomas and me.

Also, I've been challenged to a Knit Off. I'm making this sweater that I bought last year from NobleKnits.

Mission Falls Thatch Pullover

Marsha's daughter wants a new sweater for Christmas and made an off-handed comment that she would be lucky to see a finished sweater in under six years. Marsha took that to heart and is determined to wrap the sweater and have it under the tree on Christmas morning. We both doubt that will happen so we set a competition finish line for January 25. Wish me luck!