Home is where the work is

Working from home as a freelance designer has to be one of the best jobs I've had. Actually I've pretty much only had cool jobs, but being at home a lot is a major perk to this job. I know a lot of companies let employees work from home, but I think more companies should allow it. I think the world as a whole would be a more relaxed place. It's just better to be at home. Take today for instance, I took a five minute break and watered my potted plants, I took a phone call on the patio and the caller asked me if those were chirping birds he heard in the background. Then around five, still having more work to do, I popped out to the kitchen to put on the rice for dinner. I think the dogs like having us home too. They don't have to wait around to show us what they've done all day, they get to show off their dirty noses immediately!

Dirty noses