On my feet again

I can post today with something I've wanted to post since I wrote this. I walked nine miles this week! Wow! Granted seven of them included lunch at this Mexican restaurant with a large Prickly Pear Margarita half way through. But still, I managed to leave my desk and get my two fur-generators out for a stroll (and no I am not talking about my feet!)

I consider the week to start on Sunday and I can honestly say I will be able to post a mileage next week too. The dogs and I took a long stroll around town today.

I have had a lot going on recently, everything from work to sudden life altering family hospitalization and was finding myself unusually edgy toward my husband. Getting exercise is a proven cure for stress, but when I'm stressed I don't feel like exercising! I feel like napping. So because I work from home I often find it easier to lounge on the couch rather than going out IN PUBLIC. My newest brilliant idea is to get up from my computer at 5 pm every work day. Hopefully most days I will walk right past the couch to the cupboard that holds the dog leashes.

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Week 2 (that's sad)
Walking, 9 miles
Running, 0 miles