Happy Fastnacht Day!

Happy WHAT day? Isn't it Fat Tuesday? No, it's Fastnacht Day. It's almost like Fat Tuesday only without the drunken, shirt lifting debauchery. Rather than Happy Let's-party-today-because-tomorrow-is-Lent Day, it's more Happy use-up-all-the-leftover-lard-before-we-have-to-fast-for-Lent Day! Even though lard isn't so prevalent these days the Pennsylvania Dutch still keep the fastnacht tradition strong, because why wouldn't you choose one day a year to gorge yourself on donuts?

Generally we are not the first to align ourselves with the Pennsylvania Dutch, but I think in this case we can make an exception. Who doesn't love fresh donuts? To celebrate the momentous holiday, I popped out to Chow's Donuts to pick up our breakfast. As I drove down the hill I imagined there not being any donuts left to buy. What if I'm too late? The donuts might have been sold by 8 and here it is, 8:15 am and I AM NOT GOING TO GET ONE! (That is what really happens in Pennsylvania, you can't get a fastnacht anywhere if you didn't preorder last week!)

However, I've come to realize that we maybe the only people in our Southern California town to celebrate Fastnacht Day. Luckily, there was plenty to choose from at Chow's.

Fastnacht Day

I made my selections and happily headed back up the hill to our home. It was well worth the drive.

Fastnacht Day