Design of the Day

Made by Tess Reuse Bags

Keeping on the green grocery theme today, I thought I'd show the fabulous Reuse tote made by my friend Tess. I have two of these gigantic reusable shopping totes and I love them. I am fully on the campaign to stop the use of plastic bags in stores, and with this I can get all my groceries in one barely liftable bag.

Made by Tess Reuse bag

I've given many Reuse bags as gifts, but I'm always a little unsure of who will put them to good use. I gave one to my Mom, but I think I should have sent some the way of my sisters-in-law as well. As it turns out, Emily has decided to go green and she's taking her family with her...


Maybe Emily and I should forage our own campaign, the baby can join when she gets a bit older!

Click here to go to Made by Tess. (She doesn't post the Reuse bags on her website but if you mention "Heather's unusual Reuse bag obsession" I'm sure she'd be happy enough to take your order!)