Interior decorating has never been a big hobby of mine

On paper I need things to be organized. I need my lists to be straight, my letters to be evenly spaced and my lines to be horizontal. I have similar stipulations for my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Plates must go back to the same place they originated from, spoons perfectly stacked, glasses all in a row. My bedroom closet is no different; shirts are stacked by color, skirts are hung from short to long.

But the same rules do not apply to the rest of my house. We like our home to be clean but we share a unique and keen ability to live in adversity among the many piles of life. We will scale mile-high clothes mountains before doing the laundry. We can cook dinner in one square inch if necessary, which it often is.

We're tidy-challenged and we always have been much to the chagrin of our respective families. One infamous time Thomas's Aunt Penni, over from England for a family visit, set her unwavering sights on his room. On his way out for the day Thomas knowingly and specifically instructed her, "Whatever you do, DO NOT CLEAN MY ROOM." Needless to say that is the first thing Penni did, but she made sure to photograph it before she started.

Messy bedroom

When things are organized I am calmer and happier, but finding the perfect home for things is hard for me. Where do I start? What if it takes too long? Where can I put things so their functional? All these questions swirl around and around in my head, I get stressed out and then nothing gets put away. I do though have a desperate need to break the cycle. The room I spend all day in really needs some attention. In a huge way...

Home office disaster

The room has to be multi-functional. I knit, I sew, I paint, I have books, magazines and drawing paper. Now to top it all off I use the room everyday as a home office/design studio. Add in a computer, portfolio and office supplies. Oh, and did I mention this room also doubles as our guest bedroom? Help! My goal is to have it clean by Thursday as a birthday gift to myself. Do you have any pointers, besides renting a dumpster?