You may start singing now I don't mind

March 20

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. For the first time ever, I was not looking forward to a birthday. I love birthdays, especially when their mine, but the thought of turning 29 made me taste some vomit in the back of my mouth. I began making all sorts of concessions to avoid the fact that the day was approaching. I told Thomas not to get me a card, I didn't care if he got me a gift, I just wanted to go out to dinner. But as the day crept up on me I slowly got more and more excited. A gift from my parents arrived, cards came in the mail.

I was surfing around the net one afternoon and came across Dooce's style post about a fabulous Angela Adams handbag. Not only was the bag so cool but it was also on sale! I quietly sent an email to my beloved saying, "If you really haven't picked anything for me yet, I might like one of these..." A few days passed and Thomas grumbled something about not supporting my "ridiculous habits."

And then, voila! A new handbag, just for me!

Angela Adams handbag

I love it. I quickly swapped everything into it and then proceeded to carry it around on my shoulder while still wearing my bathrobe. Ridiculous? I think not!