Laundry League

None too good at domestic chores my friend Sue and I were lamenting the piles of laundry taking over our respective bedrooms. We decided the only way to motivate ourselves was to get it out in the open and host a showdown. Over on her blog Sue covered the introductions:

Who's laundry pile is larger - the DINK or the WMOO?

In my finest boxing emcee voice...

"In this corner at 6'2" tall...she's a lean mean design machine. Her favorite reasons for avoiding the laundry are: gardening, stalking people on social networking websites, and fixing tea for her husband!"

"In the opposite corner at 5' 2 1/4"...she's the school secretary and wiper of butts. Her favorite reasons for avoiding the laundry are: reading Elmo books, watching Elmo television, and changing poopie diapers."


Here is Sue's pile:


And my pile:

Laundry wars

Join the fun, show us your dirty laundry!