My neighbor is jealous because it's so cute

Once upon a time when Stitch 'N Bitch Nation first hit the shelves of my yarn store, I asked Marsha to knit a store sample from the book. We agreed that the Om Yoga Mat Bag would be a great sample. Marsha knit a beautiful aqua bag and even got a cute purple mat to put inside. Because who in California does not do yoga?

Like nobody. Nobody that came into my store anyway. My customers chose yarn, needles and knitting over posing, stretching and exercise. The yoga mat bag moved from the front of the store, to the back of the store, to the middle of the store and back around again and again. Whenever someone would show the slightest interest in it Tess and I would stare at each other with amazement, rush over, talk it up and try to make the sale. I think only one person ever bought the supplies to make yoga mat bag and I know it was Tess that closed the deal. It soon became the dud sample, the laughing stock of all the other store samples.

After two years of sadness and mockery, Marsha took yoga mat bag away determined to sell it as a finished piece, mat and all, at a local craft fair. No takers. Poor yoga mat bag couldn't hack it in the real world either. For the next year and a half the yoga mat bag rolled around the trunk of her car.

Two weeks ago, after starting Jazzercise and having to use the sticky, sweaty public mats, I suddenly remembered lonely, sad, old yoga mat bag. How nice would it be to have a cute knitted yoga mat bag with my own clean mat when I trot into Jazzercise? I asked Marsha if maybe I could have it back. She slowly turned her head looking at me in amazement. I think the laughing started from her toes.

Not two days before had she finally given the yoga mat bag away.

Marsha thought it was so bizarre that I wanted the bag after all this time she promised to make me a new one. I got the mat and look! Fabulous!

Yoga mat bag

... And on a side note - I posted the picture because then Lisa can finally see what I wear to Jazzercise. No headbands or leotards or Velcro Reebok hi-tops...