They're nice, I promise


I spent some time this evening in the garden with my two best furry friends. Moments before this photo they were playing chase and running huge circles around the yard with a thundering gallop. Henry could, if anyone would let him, run in the same lap until he falls over from exhaustion. This is how he played before we adopted Lola. Henry would run, in the same direction, round and round the couch until Lola entered his life. The first time they set out to play chase Henry leapt off the starting line and around the couch. One lap, Lola chases. Two laps, Lola still chasing. Half way through the third lap, Lola froze (you could almost see her thinking, "Why am I doing this?"), turned around to head him off and SMACK. Henry was so startled, amazed and confused that he ran right into her! His life has never been the same but I don't think he minds.