Non-verbal communication

The other night while playing with the dogs, Thomas stood holding a stuffed toy at arms length and encouraged Lola to leap for it. She played coy, not confident enough to jump five and a half feet straight in the air. Lola made small jumps or tried to climb up Thomas' body to reach the toy but did not have any success. She sat down a few times hoping that if she was patient Thomas would just give up and hand her the toy. I sat back cheering her on and trying to coax her to jump higher. This went on for about five minutes all while Henry sat beside me patiently watching, waiting, and little did we know, calculating. Finally he had had enough. Without warning, from a sit about six feet away, Henry leapt past me over a standing Lola and BANG! He snatched the toy from Thomas' hand, gliding through the air and landing on the other side of the room. He casually turned back to see our faces stunned in amazement. Henry casually dropped the toy and said to Lola, "That's how it's done, bitch."