What the?

That's what I said the first time I had these:

Yorkshire puddings

What are those? They are Yorkshire puddings. Yorkshire what? Yeah, I said that too. Don't the Brits call desserts puddings? Yes. So is that dessert? No, it's not. It's savory as those Brits would say.

roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding

Oh, and savory it is. So delicious. And so easy to make! I asked Thomas why we don't make Yorkshire puddings more often, not that his answer matters because I'm going to making these more often now that I have the recipe down pat. It's so simple, just a basic ratio of eggs, flour and milk. In a measuring jug break eggs, measure and tip into a mixing bowl. Measure the same amount of flour and add it to the eggs. Measure half the amount of milk, add water to match and add that mixture to the eggs and flour. Whisk to combine. Heat muffin tins in a 425˚F oven with either pan drippings or oil. Fill tins halfway and bake until golden brown, about 15 minutes. Douse in gravy. Savor, eat and enjoy.

And what happens when you cook a beef roast? Here's a peek behind the scenes:

behind the scenes