Freshen up

I'd rather be some place else

Does this economy have you down? Are there less emails flowing through your inbox these days? Is the winter weather giving you cabin fever? Do you, as a freelancer feel like you're ready to hang yourself?

Sometimes working from home as a graphic designer can be the most rewarding job imaginable but other times it can be lonely and a little depressing. There aren't other coworkers pushing you along. It's just you, all day every day and sometimes that just isn't enough to keep you motivated.

I'm the same, of course. But Jaden over at Freelance Switch has some great tips on how to keep you, the freelancer, chugging along. Things like, "Don’t let the naysayers weigh you down," and, "Eat healthy." She also wisely advises you to watch less television and have more sex, both will get your brain working again.

Good luck and get back on the wagon!