Millions of Peaches

February showers bring Spring flowers, or at least that's how it goes in Southern California.

peach tree

Meet Peachy. He's so adorable. This is his third year in my yard and every time I look at him I swoon with adoration. He has been through some of the toughest times in my garden. Like when I didn't think I had to water more than once every two weeks because I grew up on the East Coast and you didn't really have to water except in the brutal August heat. It wasn't August, so why water? It's only 18% humidity and we get a maximum of 9 inches of rain per year? Why would I water?

Then he survived my oldest sister trying to kill him. (That's right, Jen, I went right for the jugular with that one. Oldest sister.) Peachy was weak and frail but I insisted he would be great if we could just get him in the ground. Reluctantly Jen planted him but then as soon as I turned my back she kicked him! With a full-force karate-style kickboxing move unleashed from the depths of the earth she spun around and HI-YA!

Peachy held strong unlike so many before him and today he is a beautiful young lad and I hope lots of honeybees come smooch his flowers for Valentine's Day.