Cactus Hill

Eroding slope

This slope has started to erode and before it fully disappears and part of our patio cracks off and slides down the hill we thought we'd better put in some plants. The dogs use this hill as a main highway to get up and down the yard quickly. (Those steps are just too burdensome!) So we felt we needed to get some hearty, drought-tolerant vegetation to help hold the hillside together. Here's what we chose:

Ready for planting

We decided on a variety of colors and textures. The flats on the right break up into lots of small-rooted plants. This is a succulent ground cover that will eventually fill in and produce a blanket of shimmering pale green foliage with little purple flowers. Then we chose different, fun looking succulents to scatter around the hill. Some have yellowish undertones and some have redish-brown, some are smooth and some are furry. Oh, and the giant one on the left, his name is Big Spikey. He's the favorite. We also got a pink and white bougainvillea to climb along the fence edge to give pretty backdrop.

Cactus Hill

It doesn't look like much right now, but I can't wait for it to fill in with growth. In the meantime, we are attempting to keep Henry and Lola off the hill so everything can establish without trampling.