New and improved

new site design

I redesigned my website! Wow for me.

I've never been a web designer before today. I decided long ago that a better niche for my graphic design career would be print design, but I really think it's time to expand my horizons and embrace the digital world.

My new site is a clean, simple design much like a lot of my other work but I didn't use Dreamweaver or any other fancy program. I wrote the site by hand! Yes. I typed in all the code that makes that site pop up on computer screens across the world. I finally dipped my pinkie toe into the Olympic-sized swimming pool of the world wide web. But, this new site never would have happened without my wonderful, always available husband who sometimes gets really frustrated and thoroughly burdened by the questions I continue to ask him. So, thank you Thomas! (When do you want to start working on my blog redesign? *wink, wink*)

Go check it out. Let's work together!