Desert Blooms

red cactus flowers

Two times two, times two, times two, times two, or amazing red to the fourth power. I absolutely love the color of this cactus. I don't know if it's poisonous to us but it certainly looks poisonous to something. It puts out these adorable flowers and pretty green leaves but if you tilt your head and study the stem you'll see the most vicious collection of spikes ever put together.

cactus blooms

I also love this desert dweller. It's so happy and not so interested in being scary. No spikes on this one! I love that it has that charming shade of green mixed with a cute shade of yellow and then it's topped off with pink. Pink! You make me happy pink cactus.


And this green guy has just exploded with new shoots. We thought he was this mellow, earlobe shaped cactus that would kind of hang out and spike the dogs when they wrestle into him. But apparently he has some other plans in mind. Is he going to bloom? Grow into a tree?