Gonna eat a lot of peaches

Because of the recent peach explosion around here, I've been hunting out every peach centered recipe I can find. So far, I've come across Bellini Pops from Fine Cooking. These are peach popsicles with Prosecco, Italian champagne. Yum. I'm making these now and between the recipe and me I've nearly finished the bottle of Prosecco. Oopsie!

I found these five recipes for Peach Salsa. Yum. I'll be making some of those when my tomato plants start producing red ripe fruit. I found Raspberry-Peach Chicken and Chicken with Peach Stuffing. Yum and yum. Then there's Peach Pie with Brie adorably tucked into cupcake foils. Yum.

And now I'm STARVING. Do you have any peachy favorites?