This week's good stuff

I love the internet and the internet loves me. I read all sorts of things and these are my favorite finds from this week.

Branding 101:


via Consumerist.

This is a "news" video about a black bear roaming behind a neighborhood in Ohio. I used the term "news" very, very lightly when it comes to this video because how many reporters have you seen wearing a rabbit head costume ON THE NEWS? Yeah, that's what I thought. Watch the video. From my friend Susie.

Here's a very cool art installation by the MIT Media Lab. It creates a "data portrait" of your name's online identity. If you are a social butterfly then your name will probably work, if not it's still fun to watch. Here's me:


Wow, this makes my brain hurt. New poll finds that 39 percent of Americans want government to ‘stay out of Medicare.’ via Think Progress.

And, finally it's time for happy hour. A study finds that regular beer drinking helps women have a better bone density than those who don't drink it. Cheers!