This week's good stuff

I love the internet and the internet loves me. I read all sorts of things and these are my favorite finds from this week.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about how to better promote myself as a freelance designer. Besides talking to friends and getting input, I've been searching the internet for tips and tricks to keep me motivated and my business goals moving forward.

I ask myself on a daily basis if freelancing is right for me. This motivational article says yes it is because I have an "independent streak." And this one says that it's better job security than a corporate gig.

Here's 10 tips on becoming a freelance powerhouse. Which I want to be, of course.

To help keep a steady base income, this article recommends a "heating company" tactic wherein you bill a steady monthly rate and update your client's website on a regular basis. Some months the client could have a just a few changes and other months they could need a lot of things updated. The end result being that you are averaging out their payments giving them peace of mind and giving you a check in the mail every month. Great idea!

And lastly, I came across this article filled with podcasts for freelancers and marketing professionals. There's a ton of different productions for every kind of freelancer -- photographers, designers, writers -- and I can't wait to subscribe to a fresh stack of podcasts.

What helps you stay motivated as a freelancer? I'd love some more ideas!