Foggy mornings and a sneak peek

foggy and sunny

It's been a long, hot, crazy week around here. I barely even remember taking Daphne the Adorable home on Sunday. On Monday we repaired our DLP tv. It broke ten days prior and when we finally received the new color wheel there was no way Thomas was going to wait to the weekend to do THAT project. It went pretty well, we had most of the tv apart in under 20 minutes. Except for one tiny connector, the last possible thing that needed disassembling before we could put the tv back together, would not come out of the circuit board. Everything we had read about fixing the tv warned about this one connector. DO NOT PULL UP, DO NOT WIGGLE IT, DO NOT GRAB IT BY THE WIRES, DO NOT LOOK AT IT FUNNY OR ELSE IT WILL COME OFF ITS CIRCUIT BOARD AND YOUR TV WILL BE DEAD AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT, WE WARNED YOU. So we heeded their advice and talked nicely to the connector, we massaged it and fanned it while we fed it grapes on the veranda. It didn't matter. That connector wasn't going anywhere. It was so stuck and so brittle that it didn't want to budge. Then I got angry. I mangled the hell out of that connector until it finally gave me my way. And then I could move on. And you know what? Replacing a critical part of your tv is not as bad as I thought it would be. It was actually kinda fun! (Minus, of course, that connector and the one hour of my life it stole from me.)

Then came Tuesday and here's a sneak peek of what megalithic DIY project we did THAT day. A new kitchen floor!

new kitchen floor sneak peek