Friday Night Knitting

dye for me, baby llama glow

Here it is Friday night again. I love winding down my work week with a skein of yarn and a glass of wine. It's delightful. I'm not sure what I'm going to work on tonight – it's not as though I don't have anything on the needles, there's always something on the needles – but this little gem spoke to me from across the room. This yarn was sent to me as a gift. As I've mentioned before, my sister Nancy owns and there's no complaining from this knitter when a giant box of new yarn is unexpectedly delivered to my home. This yarn that I'm loving tonight was actually creamy white before Nancy and her daughter dyed it with Kool-Aid. You can read about that process here on her blog. See mine hanging there on the left? Pretty cool.

Plymouth Yarn developed this really fun family of yarns called Dye For Me that is meant to be dyed by you in whatever colorway you choose. Want green yarn? You can do it. Purple and orange? It's yours. What color would I want? Nancy and Hadley got it just right. I think I'll take my wine and my yarn out to the deck and unwind.