Raised Vegetable Garden, Part 3

Raised Vegetable Garden, Part 3
Getting soil and plant crops
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raised garden bed - soil time

Now comes the fun part, playing with dirt and planting seeds! We used a mix of garden soil, compost, peat moss and manure. The entire bed took about 36 cubic feet of this mix. We broke it down like this, 12 cf of garden soil, 12 cf of compost, 9 cf peat moss and 3 cf of manure. We layered about a third the different ingredients in the bed at a time and mixed them together with a garden fork. Once that was done I couldn't wait to get planting.

new plants in our new vegetable garden

We bought some small plants that were already started. Things like tomatoes, bell peppers and broccoli. The rest of the crop we started from seed. Our final planting consisted of eggplants, scallions, spinach, hot peppers, three varieties of tomatoes, green bell peppers and four heads of broccoli. I can't wait to see the crops start sprouting and flowering!

raised garden bed