Vegetable Garden Update

spinach & broccoli

Remember when we built our raised vegetable garden? Well... It's working! I have food growing in my yard. I love it, a lot. The spinach plants are doing really well and I sampled a little leaf today. The broccoli has taken off too. The variety we have though doesn't yield the big heads of florets like you see in the grocery store. As a result we missed a bit of our crop because we were letting them get big, but then they went to flower and turned bitter. We read up on when to trim the broccoli plants and promptly went down there and chopped, chopped, chopped!

broccoli harvest

That's our harvest of broccoli and we cooked it up in a stir fry. Yum! Now I'm waiting for some tomatoes. Look at these beasts! Oh, my!

tomato plants