Here we are

To stay.

Welcome to my five hundredth blog post!

Wow! 500 blog posts, who knew I was that verbose? My mom knew when I was about thirteen and would spend hours on the phone with my best friend who lived down the street, but anyway. I've blabbed about my life, my career, my husband, my dogs, and my projects. And what better way to enter the next era of my blog than announcing the most insane thing I've ever agreed to our next huge project.


my home and current roof

And all I have to say about it is h.o.l.y. s.h.i.t THE ROOF.

I'm all for do it yourself projects. I've built a deck, made a garden bed, painted, sanded, installed, ripped out, spackled everything under the sun and I watch DIY Network all the time but really? A roof? By ourselves? We decided to go with a metal roof, tan steel. It should keep our house much cooler which will be a huge benefit since we don't have air conditioning, and it should look pretty cool too. But, um, a roof? Stay tuned to the Heather Ink network for all the upcoming insanity success! YIKES! YAY!

May my limbs live to see the next 500 posts.