How was your weekend?

We had a little knock coming from the trunk of the car that was making me crazy, crazier. So we disassembled the trunk interior and...

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We had to figure out exactly where the rattling was coming from, right? But it was a success. We tightened up a few bolts and the car feels great again, like new. Hooray! And I might have taken a turn or two a little quicker than I should have. All in all a win win.

And, we fixed the TV!

tv repair

It died about two weeks ago and we thought it was a cooling fan that died. We got ordered a new fan, installed it, and it didn't work. We dug a bit deeper into the TV's guts and found a charred area on a circuit board. Thomas found the part, we clipped off the burned one and soldered on the new one and poof! A revitalized TV!

After two successes we decided to try for a third. The car's CD changer had jammed and was holding a half dozen discs hostage for the last year. We had to rip out what seemed like the entire front half of the car to get to the radio but eventually we made it. Then we had to remove 45,000 screws to get to the center of the Tootsie-Pop.

cd changer repair

We freed our CDs, we didn't end up with a working changer but we did have fun. I hope your weekend was full of fun, too!