65 and sunny with a light breeze

As the East Coast hunkers down for yet another winter storm (this time with damaging amounts of ice!) let me smugly welcome you to my Southern California garden.


KAPOW! I love Pêche, the peach tree. I might have to make that photo into a poster. Next up is Fred the aloe vera.

Aloe vera

Fred was a sad looking clearance plant at Lowes last February. Mother-in-law and I took pity on him and loaded him in the cart. Have you ever tried to lift a giant, spike-ridden aloe plant that's overgrown its pot? Not easy! That's why he has a name, because he has a mind of his own. This year it looks like he's happy with his new digs, I've never seen aloe blossoms before.

Society garlic

This precious purple darling is called society garlic. It'll shoot up about 20 more flower clusters, it's a light addition to all the neighboring succulents.

And then for comedy relief... here's Henry being completely adorable. They're blurry photos but still so cute, so happy, and so free of ice!


Henry dog