The Dirt Bag: 1

My best friend sent me a hilarious gift of a Dirt Bag. My best friend since kindergarten apparently thinks I'm a dirt bag, or at least that I'd get good use out of a dirt bag. And you know what? She's right! I love dirt and bags. The Dirt Bag has a burlap exterior with a hefty blue tarp lining and I've decided to make it my vegetable picking caddy. My vegetables and fruit trees are down the hillside and I can't make it back up to the house with more than three or four lemons in my hands. Enter Dirt Bag.

I never anticipated I would have a thriving garden let alone a thriving vegetable crop and multiple fruit trees. The fresh produce I pick constantly amazes me so I'd like to document it in a better way and I think The Dirt Bag might just be the perfect way to do it.

Today's haul:
a metric ton of cherry tomatoes
6 limes

in the dirt bag