A little garden time

The weather isn't bad here in California but you can definitely tell that the plants know it's spring. There was nothing in this bed when I moved in. I had no idea what any of these plants were, how they'd interact with each other or how to take care of them.

garden view

Thankfully, I caught on and am now rewarded with some of the most amazing colors I've ever seen. I mean what's better than hot pink and orange? Not much!


I hadn't seen aloe in bloom before this last year. This aloe was given to me by my neighbor, I proceeded to neglect the poor thing in a pot until my mother-in-law finally just stuck it in the ground. Now I can't stop staring at it's crazy yellow blossoms, this one is about 4 feet tall!

aloe in bloom

This is a tree fuchsia with a different aloe bloom behind it.

fuchsia and aloe

And for good measure, here's a little bit of Lola doing what Lola does when she's not doing something else... like sleeping in weird positions or begging you to play or pitifully drooling for a treat.

Lola doing what Lola does when Lola's not doing something else