There's nothing like a test drive


Is this the rainiest October on record? We had a gloomy, foggy summer that we kept thinking would clear and blast us with a heat wave. It didn't and we didn't order the roof. September and October are the locals' summer months in San Diego. These months are usually warm and sunny with big empty beaches free of tourists. But they weren't, they were misty and wet. So between a cloudy summer and rainy autumn here we are thankful for two alternating weekends of sunshine during which we roofed our little hearts out.

I grew dinner


Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming. I'm not posting another thing about that four letter word that starts with an R until it's done, seamed up, and there's no more steel on my lawn. Did you know I have a vegetable garden? Yeah, I forgot. Totally. I happened to notice it today and found quite a surprise, this Chinese eggplant, a bunch of scallions and a hot pepper. Thanks garden for surviving without me.