A serious obsession not necessarily based in reason

In my profile on the right I state, "I love to be at home and I get excited about the little things in life." By little things I mean Sharpies. Right behind the living beings in my life, husband, dogs, siblings, parents, etc., comes Sharpies. Sadly, I'd be more excited if Thomas walked in the house with a 24 pack or Sharpies than if he arrived with a pair of diamond earrings.

So, I need to jot some notes down this morning and there wasn't one close at hand. By close at hand I mean don't make me lift something to get to a Sharpie. For a change of pace, I went into my office to get a fresh marker in a new color. I'd been using the same colors for a few weeks now. I stood at my desk trying to select just one color even thinking to myself, "You just need one pen to write something down, pick one!"

Choosing only one was just not an option, I went for an entire palette.


Mind control will not work with me! No, sir!