Project in Process - Adirondack Chairs

Not the most challenging project I've ever done, but fun nonetheless. I have four plain pine chairs, and I thought it would be best to stain them before the (admittiedly pathetic) winter comes. A nice coat of sealant will keep them in good condition.

Before I started staining the chairs I grabbed some sandpaper, because when pine gets wet the woodgrain rises and roughens. To keep the chairs feeling nice I sanded the grain of the chair arms back to smooth. Next I laid out plastic and gathered my supplies including the chairs. It shouldn't take more than a gallon of stain to finish all four chairs. I chose a tinted sealant in hopes if mimicing the color of our ipe deckwood. I found an old plastic container and a decent paintbrush, decanted some sealant and got started. I figured that beginning with the chairs upsidedown I could later fix any drips or blemishes.

Staining the adirondack chairs

I didn't realize how many nooks and crannies adirondack chairs contain. Just when I thought I had finished the underside, I would spot a bare patch on the side of a slat. The project is going to take me longer than I originally anticpated, but that's alright because I like how it's looking!

Staining the adirondack chairs

I will post final photos when I get them all done.