More promising

Last night the news shifted to a less menacing tone. The winds are coming off the ocean now instead of from the hot, dry desert. The smoke was still heavy in the air and ash was covering my black shirt like a nice, thick layer of dandruff.

Sunset in the fire 10.24.07_1745

I was out and about getting the news on the street from my neighbors. Even though the air was not safe to breathe, everyone was sort of wandering out of their houses to talk to other people. While chatting to my neighbor we were watching an adorable hummingbird flitting about. He would dart from the feeder to a branch, then zip around the yard and back again. Sympathetically my neighbor exclaimed, "I wish I could get tiny dust masks for all these little birds!"

This little guy needs one too!

Little lizard navigating ash 10.24.07_1755

Everyone has been carefully navigating the yucky ash and soot, well everyone except Lola and Henry. They were just happy I let them outside for more than 30 seconds.

Paw prints in soot and ash 10.25.07_935

This morning the sky seems more promising than it has in days. I can see shadows on the ground and the sun is not an eerie sight.

Sunrise through the smoke 10.25.07_930

I don't know if things are really any better, as we have not turned on the news today. I know many of the fires continue to rage out of control, and my cousins in Orange County may need to evacuate by this evening. We would be happy to take them in to our home if need be, but there are no south bound freeways open! Southern California, especially San Diego, may be sunnier because of wind direction but not because the threat of devastation is over.